So today I had to have a MRI done.  They gave me Valium but right when he got me in I screamed to get back out.  I am not claustrophobic.  I was scared that they wouldn’t be able to get me back out.  I was scared I was going to be stuck in the machine and I started to have a panic attack inside the capsule.

How many times have you been so scared of something that you never tried it?  How many times have you been so afraid that you would make excuses to avoid the thing you feared?

How long have you been afraid to change things in your life because you were afraid or you were comfortable with how things were?  Truth is just because you are comfortable with something that doesn’t not mean its the best for you.  Comfort foods bring you comfort but yet the are not always good for you.

How many time were you afraid to face your fear because you thought you would fail.

Guess what the only failure is when you don’t face the demons, the fears, the unhealthy habits.

Your health, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual, are all very important and they all intertwine into one unit: our body.  When one unit is linked it effects the others.

So today I sat on the MRI table after he pulled me out and told him how I was so scared of getting stuck in the machine.  I asked him,” will I get stuck”, he said, “No.”  I asked, “has anyone every got stuck?”. He said, ” No.”..I then asked,”How long is the test?”.  He said,”fifteen minutes”.  So I took a deep breath, laid back back, closed my eyes and went back in.  I kept talking to myself, “You can do this. You are almost done. Deep breath..just take a deep breath.,”. Then he moved the table a smidge and it got tighter on my arms.  My heart started racing, I was freaking out.  But I just kept talking to myself and then finally I was done and I did slide out smoothly..I did not get stuck.

I faced my fear.  Funny thing is I weigh less than I did my last MRI so you would think that would have eased my mind, but nope.

It would have been so easy to get up and leave, but stayed.  I see that as a victory.


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