So as many of you know I have been trying so hard not to weigh mysel daily. I was doing real good, but I had to go to the doctor and I knew I was going to be weighed in,  So this morning before I went to doctor, I weighed myself in at home. Imagine my excitement when I saw the lower number on the scale.  I had lost 6 pounds this last week(yes where I was not doing daily weigh-in), a total of 12 pounds lost so far.  I was so happy, I did the happy dance and cheer, so I probably burned off more calories doing so.

So I get to the doctor’s office.  The scale number was three more pounds than my scale at home.  I was so upset, yeah not like I could gain three pounds just driving to the doctors office. The picture I added explains how I felt exactly.   I so hate weighing in at the doctors office, more so because their scale is weigh different then mine and its always added weight than my scale.  If the doctor oice could have a lower number I would be not as mad.  Maybe if they didn’t have a digital scale but that big scale with the sliding bar thingy it would be more accurate.

So as I was getting upset and depressed I had to change my frame of mind.  The scale at home is the one i usually weigh myself on and since that said I lost that much weight that is the one I will concentrate on.

I hate how the number on that scale defines my day.  It really shouldn’t as I know that number does not define me cuz I know we lose inches as well.  But its a process, it takes 21 days to make or break a habit.  I did go 4 days without weighing myself.  I do notice when I don’t weigh myself everyday, my days are better, like I actually stay more focused on healthy eating.  The scale on daily weigh-ins gives me a bad number, my emotional eater kicks in.  So in reality, I am trying to break two addictions in one.

Yeah ME!!!


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