How many of you have heard this phrase before?   Now if you want any weight loss results the truth is you need to move that body. Plain and simple what goes in must be burned off so that it can come back out.

Exercise is very importance not only to lose weight but to remain healthy and fit as well.

The benefits of exercise:

*speeds up your metabolism that keeps burning fat for a couple of hours after you have stopped.

*improves muscle strength and tones

*maintains a high energy level

*releases a “happy” hormone which uplifted your mood

*helps you sleep better

*makes you more resistant to getting an injury

*helps prevent the onset of many diseases such as high blood pressure, diabetes and heart disease

*helps the movement of calcium into your bones and reduces the risk of fractures later in your life

*enhances your body’s flexibility

*enhances your body’s blood circulation

*tightens your skin

The only drawback to exercise is that it can increase the needle on the scale, but that is you gaining muscle which in turn helps you melt fat faster.

What is your favorite exercise


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