Whoever said that breakfast was only applicable for certain foods?  If all you think you can eat for breakfast is eggs, bacon, sausage, pancakes, waffles and cereal.  Well then yes BLAH, you will get tired of it real fast.

Growing up, there were many times my mom made what she called, “breakfast dinner”, where basically for dinner we ate pancakes, eggs and sausage.  Well to this day, I will still make myself “breakfast dinners” just low carb now.  So if you can have breakfast for dinner why can you not have dinner for breakfast?

If you stick in your mind that you can only have certain foods for certain meals, then you limit your possibilities and you will tire of the meals real quick.

For breakfast I have eaten eggs, but I change it to where some days I have a serving of steak, a nice baked chicken breast, a grilled fillet of salmon, all loaded with veggies on the side.  At times I have even just had a low carb yogurt, cottage cheese, or even just a protein shake.

Breakfast is just like lunch and dinner.  It is just a set meal where you ingest your protein, fat and veggies.  You are not limited to which proteins are assigned to a certain meal.  Which is awesome, we get free choice of what we want to ingest.  If I had to only have eggs for breakfast sooner or later I would start laying them myself.

So take the picture and apply it to everything, don’t be a normal person and don’t eat what is a “normal” breakfast, think outside the box.


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