Being on this way of eating for so long I had learned the importance of having a food diary, a journal or a log.  However you refer to it, point is you need one.  Having a food journal keeps track of your efforts and allows you to see what you are ingesting.  It makes you actually see and realize what you are putting into your body.  A journal helps to keep you on track, it helps to identify any time where you may binge, cheat or ingest more than you thought.  It lets you know when you are lacking certain things or ingesting too much.

In this day and age the greatest thing about the internet is that here are plenty of journaling apps available to make it easier to have one.  We have come a long way since having to pen and paper every bite down.  Now you can just scan a barcode and *BAM* your food is entered into the system.

What should you be writing down?  EVERYTHING!!!!  Calories, Fats, Carbs, Sodium, Fiber, Sugar, Vitamins, Water, Exercise, Your moods, Your emotions, Triggers, etc…one I said, EVERYTHING!

I personally am a member (5 years) and currently still use Sparkpeople, it’s a free site that allows you to track it all and you can write down what your feeling when you ate something, was there a trigger, were you stressed, etc.  The only disadvantage I have seen with using the site is that they is not a tracker for my sugar alcohols for when I ingest my stevia or sugar free syrups. So I have to make a note that even though the carb count was high, there was actually sugar alcohols that should have been subtracted.  Nor is there a net carb count, so I have to relay back on my school education to put my math skills to work.

What have you experienced and used to journal that you would recommend to another?


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