OK new month new challenge.

There are technically 4 full weeks in September and that works out great.

Here’s what you do.  Choose 4 areas of your body that you want to workout.  If you haven’t worked out at all this is going to be a great challenge.

Do you have your 4 areas choosen?

OK take those four and sepearte them, one area per week.

Now each week you will concentrate on doing one workout to strengthen the muscles in that area.

Here is another catch, all strengthening exercises must not be done using a machine.  So its kinda like free styling muscle strengthening.

At the beginning of each week, research ways to strengthen the muscles in the area you have chosen to work on. Now choose one exerise, just a movement that you will be repating for that area. First day you start out doing as much as you can before you feel tired, repeat the next day, third day increase the time of exercise and do it for longer, repeat that time for next day and the fifth day increase the time again and repeat it on the sixth day.  Seventh day you do the exercise and see how long you can now do it.

When new week starts you do same thing for the new area you have chosen to target.

Follow all the steps for each week of the month.


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