Truth is that there would be no need for diets if there was not so many unhealthy choices out there, the ones that once we try it we are instantly hooked and addicted to them.

How many of us get unhealthy by eating too much lettuce, meat, fish, fruits, etc.

Unhealthy food was made to look and taste delicious for a reason, to have us tempted and become addicted thus make those companies more money.

Literally those companies are just as bad as drug dealers.  They know their products are unhealthy and bad for us and that we can not just take one bite.

The best way to break an addiction is to not try the product in the first place.  But once you tasted the sweetness of the drug(sugar, carbs, flour,etc) it is hard to not want more, hard but not impossible.

This is a journey and everyone’s path is different.  But no matter what path you take, you still have people who are here ready and willing to help you stay on track, you just need to ask.


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