So I belong to some low carb support groups on my Facebook page.  One lady in particular posted that she had received bad news health wise about herself and although she was doing well on low carb lifestyle she was giving up as she turned back to junk food.  She then asked for advice.

So people commented with advice that helped them during their own journy.  Like get rid of all junk food in the house, don’t give up, one step at a time, don’t be tempted by the junk as it does not feed the tummy it just feeds your emotions.

Well she commented back, she will not get rid of the junk food as she is not the only one in the home and she will not punish her family by taking away their treats just because she is overweight.  Then blamed people for judging her as no one else is in her shoes and just bashed everyone who tried to offer advice.  She said some hurtful things.  But in reality you have to stop, step back and realize one thing.

Some people do not want help they just want excuses to continue doing what they are currently doing, even if it is slowly killing them and they know deep down it is wrong.

This lifestyle is like a religion, you can not claim you are something if you do not live your life according to what that lifestyle outlines you to be doing.  You need to not only believe in it but follow the lifestyle outlined to us.

Some things are easy to give up on, but giving up on yourself should NEVER be one of those things.

This is your only life, you fight for every second to live it.


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