While my journey began out strong, I hit a roadblock.  When I began my journey, along with eating my low carb way, I was jogging, walking, playing basketball, dancing..I was very active.  The weight was dropping off fast, I was so happy.  Fast forward a year.  I began to experience severe pains, my activity level began to take a severe decrease.  I was limited to just walking and even doing that I was walking as if I had just gotten back from a day of horse riding.  My eating remained the same.  However, my weight loss stopped.  I was at a stand still.  I tried to do what I could to move and it helped as I was not gaining weight, however I was not losing either.  I tried to cut back on eating but then I dropped way below my calorie levels and well that was not healthy either.

I had to accept that what I was going thru was a test from Allah, he knows what he is doing.  I had to have faith and just continue on my journey.  If I gave up my healthy eating and not moving at all, I would have at least doubled my size my now, if not triple.

Weight loss is important, however, being healthly is always the main goal. When Allah decides to give us a struggle to overcome, he doesn’t expect us to give up what good we are already doing and have done.   HE wants us to incorporate his lesson into our lives along with what we are doing.  That is when we learn our true strengths as the true battle is just beginning.

Since being disabled I have found other ways to move it and the scale needle has begun to fall once again.

So continue to eat healthy and continue to move, get in tune with your body, learn what you can do and move it.

When you get discouraged, just remember:  Even if you are not losing weight as you hoped, at least you are not gaining.  And that’s a real win right there.


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