How many times how you heard about true love?  How many have actually experienced true love?  Does true love have to involve another person to be felt?  Or can you have true love just within yourself for yourself?

For you to truly love another, you must first love yourself.

Everyone wants to experience and feel true love, but fail to realize true love is a feeling that is innate in our bodies and we just need to tap into it.

We are born with a vast system of emotions and we tap into the one we are wanting and willing to experience.  However, most people connect emotions with other people and do not experience them enough within themselves.

Why must we rely on others for us to experience our sadness, happiness, anger and love.

Why can we not rely on ourselves.

It is ok to love ourselves, it is ok to be angry at something we did, it is even ok to laugh at ourselves when we fall.  We are not perect, we will make mistakes, but we must continue loving ourselves.  We must be comfortable with how we feel about ourselves and emotions, for when we do not become comfortable then we are uncomfortable then we find ways to be comfortable again, whether it be that candy bar, piece of cake, ice cream, cigarette, drugs, etc…

Be comfortable with yourself, when you beat yourself up it opens the door for others to do the same.

Finding True Love within yourself is the best love to be found and have.

This is a journey and it will take time to be the person you have wanted to be for so long, but what makes the journey worth it, is the true love you discover that has ALWAYS been residing within yourself!


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