So I experimented and it did not matter which protein bar I tried as all results came out the same.

They all triggered my sugar cravings and I was hungry within minutes of eating the bar.

So as much as I enjoy the protein bars as a snack, cuz let’s admit it protein bars are great to go snacks that fit nicely in a purse or bag and no refridgeration needed, but it kicks my body into how it was before this way of life: Craving sweets, carbs, junk, just food.  My tummy was not satisfied and wanted more.

So now that I know, I will spend my money and carbs on a meat and veggies meal to have in its place or  a protein powder drink.

I just ask for a moment of silence so that I may mourn the loss of protein bars from my lifestyle choices.


I am curious though why is it if I eat a protein bar my sugar craving is activated and I want sugar and feel like I am starving, however, if I eat sugar free chocolate it triggers nothing but my bowels to be moving.  I know neither is the better choice but I may have to do some internet searching to see what the common ingredient is in all protein bars. What is triggerng my cravings?

Does any one else have the same problem with protein bars?  Where you eat one and it actually triggers your cravings and actually makes you feel more hungry?


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