Who hasn’t experienced this when you are trying but yet nothing is changing, you are at a standstill.

As frustrating as that is, it can happen and there is a reason why it is happening.

When you find yourself not decreasing in size check the following list as it may hold your culprit.

What can hinder my weight loss:

Medications-  certain medications can alter your weight loss efforts.  Always, consult you doctor if you are on any medications when you begin any eating or lifestyle changes.

Thyroid problems-having a faulty thyroid can cause weight gain and makes it difficult to lose weight.

Age-as you grow older, it becomes harder to lose weight, not impossible just harder.  As we age our body becomes slower to respond and we have to put more effort into weight loss.

Re-evaluate your food intake- examine what you are ingesting as you may be consuming more carbs than you realize. (Ex.. Spices have carbs are you counting those in your allowance?)

Are you getting in your water??-if your body is dehydrated it effects your weight loss efforts, so chug a mug of water, in fact chug 8-12 mugs.

When in doubt and you are continuing to be not losing weight, consult your doctor and together you two can pinpoint what the problem could be.


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