My friend has made the conscious decision to lose weight.  Problem is her hubby is an enabler and not a valid support.

I have offered my support for her, you know create a buddy system.

Normally, I would say this is a good weight loss tool and in most people it is.

However, my friend is well…She is a comparer.  If someone else’s weight is dropping faster than hers she loses her motivation and gives up thinking that the way of eating is not working for her and she jumps to another way to lose weight, which is usually a fad like pills, shakes, etc…

I have tried to get her to cut back on processed foods, breads, pasta and sugar.  And well she states she can not live without them.  I never said to cut them down extremely but just cut them down by 10% at first, then after a while cut another 10%.  Baby steps.

She sabotagers herself as well as her hubby does.

I am dreading trying to be a support for her as I know if I lose faster or more than her she will get depressed and fall off track.

But yet her journey should not depend on me either.

What are your thoughts on having a buddy system?

If you follow different eating plans, does that effect having a buddy system?


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