How often have you heard, “Oh you have such a beautiful face, if only you would lose some weight.”  Wait…so since I am slightly overweight, it makes me less beautiful?  What bull-hockey.  Since when does beauty=weight?

Deciding to lose weight does not mean that you are not beautiful.  Beauty is blind and can not be just seen by our eyes.  Beauty is felt as it resides in your heart, what you think, what you believe, how you act and how you feel.  I hear beauty through the words that you speak. I feel beauty when I am in the presence of fellow sisters who make me feel like a member of their family. (We are all one family under God).  Beauty is doing charitable acts.  Beauty is conducting yourself in a manner pleasing to God, but also in a manner, so that a non believer can see the best of Islam (place with your religion here if not Muslim) through you.  No amount of luxury items, perfume, make-up, clothes, shoes, or money will make you more beautiful.

Losing weight allows you to remove an evil that is keeping you from living a longer and healthier life, the kind of life God has willed for you.

I was beautiful, but an unhappy beauty.  When I had added weight to my frame, I began having difficulty doing certain things and I was embarrassed I could not do what others could.  I tried believe me I tried doing the same things as my thinner friends, I faked being happy, I was so good at faking it. I never let those closest to me see that I was unhappy.  And of course with me, unhappiness led to eating junk to make me feel happy, but then it made me gain weight, making me unhappy and the cycle just keeps going.

When a person is unhappy, they have problems expressing their beauty to others.  I am not saying all heavier people are unhappy, I am saying I was.  And being heavier I couldn’t do what I enjoyed, like dancing, playing sports.  Fellowship to me is extremely important and my weight was holding me prisoner so that I could not enjoy fellowship, truly enjoy it.  I felt like an outcast, my friends never made me feel like that, I did that all on my own. I think because it was what media and other judgemental people that place importance on looks, I feel into that stereotypical trap. When I began losing weight I felt more free, I went out, danced more (I even took belly dancing lesson, which i love belly dancing), went nature hiking, socialized more, I was more about i did not care what peiple thought cuz I was happy, and as long as I was happy that is all that mattered.  I was more in tune with my spirituality.  I praised Allah more and spoke more about HIS love. My beauty was finally shining through.  I was always beautiful, but my weight hindered me from expressing it, when you live your life judged on your outward appearance it makes you scared to show your innermost persona.  It took me a while, but I learned that Beauty is not your weight but how you let the weight hinder the beauty inside of you.

So what kind of things do you do that make you feel beautiful?


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