So I know yesterday I was suppose to rest and relax, I had planned to u til my dad said those three words, “Going out today?”. When he says those words that means there is something he needs.  So my day off became running to 4 stores and a pharmacy, which that was the fun part as when I lean on a bascart(wheeled shopping cart), I can walk forever.  Then to come home and unload and put things away, which included cutting up meat and making hamburgers to place in individual freezer baggies. Then I went out and fertilized my plants, which entailed filling up 5 water pails full of water and mix the fertilizer in then carry and pour.  I still need to do some weeding, but that may take a few days before I can as this morning I awoke with spine pain screaming, ” You dork, you so overdid it yesterday.”

I still need to cut up my watermelon and dice up veggies for my kebobs.

But I bought something I will need for next month’s challenge..just preparing a little ahead.

What is life without a few challenges?

Today is definitely my day for chillaxin’


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