I am getting tired of people, media, government, the news, etc.. Connecting Islam with terrorists.

Just because some person declares they are a follower of the religion, it does not necessarily mean they fully follow the lifestyle nor does that one person fully represent a religion as a whole. You know how you can see a dress and you see it as one color and millions of others see it as another.  Everything can be interpreted differently and unfortunately one of the interpretations is wrong.

On my Facebook Wall someone posted a picture of the Twin Towers burning and the caption read,”since this happened why do we care about offending a Muslim?”

I wrote a comment back stating, “because why should we blame a whole religion for some rotten apples.  If I was mugged by a person with your name, how fair would it be for me to hate and not trust anyone with your same name?  If I did was mean to you because of someone else’s actions just cuz you had same name, how would you feel?”

Every religion has its rotten apples, or crooked flock if you will. I could list the many, but the point is it does not change my opinion of a religion based off one person.

Islam is not to blame for terrorism, media is to blame by labeling the terrorist as such.  I have never seen the news list a shooter who shot through a school as a Christian terrorist, no they were just quick to point out he had mental instability or try to find a motive.  But yet in the news, if a terrorist is Muslim, there religion now becomes the motive.

When America Sniper movie came out, innocent Muslims were getting hurt and killed over what?? Nothing. What about those three Muslims who got killed exucution style by a guy and his motive was a parking space?  How was that not a terrorist attack or racial profiling at the least? He attacked them because they were openly practicing Muslims.  What about Muslim women wearing their hijabs and getting attacked while walking the streets.

I pray this stereotyping comes to an end before more innocent people are hurt from this or even murdered.  I pray for a a calming peace to shower over us all in the world.  I pray that proclaiming your faith does not warrant a possible death sentence.  This is America and more and more, each day it is becoming like what we read and watch that is going on in the third world countries.

As each day passes, the more I am scared to be an American.

Thanks for letting me vent!


One thought on “A LITTLE BIT OF VENTING!

  1. I totally hear you and agree. As a Christian myself I can attest that there are plenty of rotten apples in our camp too. In the end all we can do is live our lives as best in the highest level of integrity and let our personal actions speak for themselves. Thanks for sharing and assisting in breaking stereotypes.


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