So I was told that my insurance was no longer going to pay for my physical therapy, which is heart-wrenching as last week I was told by my neurologist that physical therapy was going to be a constant in my life.

So instantly I start panicking, what is going to happen, am I going to get worse as I have no accountability with therapy?  I can make myself workout, however, I do not know my own limits, I have always been an over achiever.  If no one is monitoring me, will I overdo it and do more damage than good?

At therapy I had a person telling me how far to stretch out my body, how many to do, etc.  When I listen to myself, I am my own worse enemy.

See most people would say, you just work out until you feel pain.  You see that’s the problem, I have a high pain tolerance.  I don’t feel pain, I feel burning and when I feel burning I am already well past the damage point.  My neurologist did an MRI of my back and she stated that I had a fracture that healed over.  My question how did I break my back and not realize it, not even feel it.  You would think a back fracture you would feel and you would not be able to do things, especially as it was in my upper back, I should have felt something with all the lifting I do, well did in my life.

Trying to figure out your own body, is a forever learning process.  When you think you know something, you get thrown a loop and you have to adjust as what you were able to do yesterday, you may not be able to do today or even tomorrow.

But whatever you do just DO NOT GIVE UP!  I don’t intend to, I am researching at home exercises that I can do to keep myself going



  1. You got this. Just take baby steps. I have had to do the same thing and in my quest to get better faster have pushed myself too far. I constantly have to remind myself to inch my way to progress when it comes to exercising. 😉


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