What are your beliefs about a cheat day.  Now just for the record there are no right or wrong answers, just looking to see what people think.   As everyone is different what works for me may not work for them just as what works for them may not work for me.  Kinda like sins, when a person sins, I don’t point my finger and call them out, what they do is between them and God. But it doesn’t stop me from still supporting the sinner and to help them turn down temptations and recognize their triggers.  Besides, if you point fingers and harshly judge then whose sin then becomes a bigger issue?  You can’t change a person if they are unwilling, all you can do is work on yourself.  So if you allow yourself a cheat day or meal, what are your reasons behind it?  If you don’t allow any cheats why?

Personally, I do not plan cheat days.  Imagine yourself on a low carb diet , you are low carbing it, you are a Dr. JEYKL,  now imagine when you eat a cheat higher carb delight…suddenly you turn into a Mr. HYDE.  That describes me.  Number one, when I cheat just once I keep going and craving more.  Even when I think that I can only eat it once, my body says something different as I continue craving more and more sugar, pasta, bread, potatoes, etc..Then when I do go back to low carb, well I experience the carb flu all over again, the headaches, the fatigue..argh.  so cheat days sound enticing to me, but I know that my body can not handle it and allowing myself to cheat is almost like allowing myself to fail.  But that is my body, my issue. If I allow cheat days it gives the food more control over my body then I do.

What do you guys do?


3 thoughts on “TO CHEAT OR NOT TO CHEAT

  1. Yeah I am with you on this. The few times of have swayed off plan have been disastrous for me. I does not seem to affect my hubby much but since I eat low carb to reduce inflammation and pain it’s just not worth it.

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  2. I know people who consider a cheat day as such they cheat the whole day. I also know some people who have a cheat meal during the day, such as pizza, cake, pie, etc.
    To me a cheat is when you eat something not on your healthy eating plan. I have found that living this way of eating, there are many ways to make a “cheat” meal healthy thus not really making it a cheat.
    Who needs the many consequences of eating something not good for you, when you can make something just as good in a healthier version?


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