Now I know when I set the challenge I needed to choose four colors, however since I knew the challenge I thought if I chose the colors it would be biased.  So I asked my friend Mary to name four colors, then after she told me the colors I told her the challenge.

So my colors for the 4 weeks are:

Green, Yellow, Pink and Purple.

Well kinda easy but yet is real easy.

So for my first week now being almost over, my green colors are as follows:

Sunday: stir fry, broccoli, green beans and snap peas

Monday: Kale chips, homemade

Tuesday: bugs on a log (peanut butter filled celery with sugar free chocolate chips)

Wednesday: Asparagus

Thursday: Mary Jo’s Minty Shake

Friday: romaine lettuce used with some chili(using black soy beans), making it a taco salad.  Yum

My Saturday I am making parmasen zucchini chips.

Next week my color is yellow: I already have begun my planning

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