Or so here’s the dilema..I was shopping and saw they had Philadelphia cream cheese clearances for 99cents a bar.  And I had on my person 50cents off two bars, which means each bar would be approximately 75cents a bar.  However, the carbs were double than the bars I currently use.  Do I risk the extra carbs just to save money or should I save money and use the extra carb bar, which thus then would be canceling out another item I could have had in place of that extra carb?  BTW it also had a higher sodium, calorie fat and cholesterol count as well.  So that’s the dilema, if you were in my shoes, at that moment, what would you have done?  Obviously I am home now.

So the results:  I pondered over it for about half hour put the bars in my cart and walked around then finally I decided, I could not justify risking the extra carbs.  And I say carbs, plural as about 99% of my recipes ask for more than one serving of cream cheese, I would be ingesting more than just the one carb.  So after considering it all, that cheaper cheese with the extra carb was more expensive as it would have cost me my WOE and possibly stall me or make me gain weight.

Besides I think Allah was guiding me not to buy them as I found chicken on sale, I was able to buy two whole fryers(picture a tiny turkey) for the same price as I would have spent for the cheese and the chicken had no carbs.  So I put the cream cheese back and left the coupons atop of them for another to use.

Yes it was a winning moment!


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