Well ok I specifically notice two things, so far.

#1. This is the only time that your non fasting friends offer to take you out to eat and pick up your bill.

This can not only be happening to me, everytime I am fasting that is when I get the most offers to go out and get some lunch, breakfast, coffee, etc and they will pick up the bill.  What makes it even more so this year is that my birthday happens during Ramadan.  Some People get offended if you go out with them when they are treating and you ask for your meal to be all put in a container for later, after Ifta. and you just sit there watching your friend eat and drink.

#2. The Ramadan Police.  Oh my…ok my fasting is between me and Allah.  I do not need someone to point out what I already know and make me feel inferior to them on the Muslim plane.  There are times where fasting can not be done, it does not make me less of a Muslim. Truthfully, when I can not fast I already feel crummy, like I not only let myself down, but Allah..so I do not need someone else jumping on my bandwagon.  FYI, I do lift myself up as I know I am only sick and unable to do things as Allah wills it, there is a reason for everything and Like i said my life, my choices, my decisions are between me and God, Allah is the only one who can Judge me.  So thank you Ramadan Police but you are so not needed.

Plus I hate trying to defend my actions.  If approached by a Ramadan Po-Po (slang for police out here), they just don’t stop…

“How come you are not fasting?”

“I am sick.”

“You are SICK!!  How are you sick?”

“I am sick.”

“Tell me how you are sick.  Are you contagious?”


“You have a disease?”


“What do you have that makes you so sick that you can not fast for Allah, after everything he has done and provided for you?”

You stand there looking around and now all these people are just staring at you due to the Ramadan Police making a scene.  Sweat is pouring, your hijab is soaked (Your cell phone short circuited if you use the hijab as a cell phone holster).  You stare down at your feet.  You feel the stares weigh on you like stones, weighing heavier with each second of them waiting for your answer.

“Well, what is your sickness?”

Finally you blurt out, “I am on my period.” You watch as all the judgmental stares turn into facial expressions of disgust.

“Oh we didn’t need to know that, why didn’t you just say you were sick?”

SMH.(well how are they suppose to know, you weren’t wearing nail polish)



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