So I have been seeing more and more lately, Muslim woman who wear the hijab are stuffing their cell phone in their hijabs and talking on them.

I am confused about this.  Why is this becoming a trend?  Is it too hard to hear the caller through the hijab cloth using the cell phone the regular way?  Are the phones getting so heany that holding it to your ear to talk now hurts your wrist?

On hot days where you are sweating doesn’t the phone get moist, I know I used to put my cellphone in my bra and I had to get my phone replaced as the moisture caused the phone to malfunction?

If you wear makeup does it smear on your phone?

Does the weight of the phone pull down on the hijab so it is slowly coming undone, loose and falling of your head?

You know if you have a phone in your pocket they call it butt dialing, can you accidentally hijab dial?  You have that constant check pressure, so how can you not be pressing buttons when you laugh or smile?

Can the caller on the other end hear you or does your cheek muffle your voice a bit?

I am a big believer that blue tooths are linked to brain cancer.  No one can change me on that belief.  My brother died from brain cancer, he was always wearing a blue tooth. In 2010, he was diagnosed with a brain tumor and it was cancerous.  During treatment he stopped wearing the ear piece of death.  In 2013, he was told he was tumor free, the treatments worked.  Ahumadullah, Great News!!  Well, my brother resumed activities and went back to wearing his blue tooth.  By the end of the year, tumors grew back in his brain in clusters and subsequently took his life.

So I wonder, what kind of harm can happen by wearing a cell phone like that, I don’t think that wearing your cell phone in you hijab is any safer than wearing a blue tooth.  I think the risk is still as high as you constantly have the it next to your brain.  When you go somewhere, have you ever noticed your mobile device searching for a WiFi signal and sometimes it searches for a long time?  Now imagine that your cell phone is currently searching, except the phone is next to your head and brain. Even when you are not using it, your cell phone is still operating and data is transmitting or trying to transmit.  What does that kind of signal frequency do to our brain health?  Or if you wear your smart phone in your bra, what can it do to your breast or heart health?

I have a basic non-smart phone.  I don’t have to worry about it connecting to a WiFi network.  My cell is small and light, so I imagine that if i tried using my hijab as a cell phone holster, the hijab would wind up swallowing the phone whole and I would feel the phone floating around my head bouncing back and forth from my head to the encasing of the hijab.



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