Growing up, how many times have you heard how stubborn you were and that when you had children of your own, your kids will be even more stubborn.
Well, if that is the case, where do you think my stubbornness came from?
My dad.
When I became disabled, I moved back in with my dad.
Recently, he was told his colon test came back positive for cancer, which is either he has cancer and it was caught early or he has pre-cancer cells that exists.
Well today, Doctors were going over his tests and it was confirmed that he has some internal bleeding going on in his colon. His doctor told him to go to ER right away.
Where is my stubborn father? He says he doesn’t want to go to hospital and is outside the home doing his own thing.
Know if I was told that by my doctor..I would have hung up the phone immediate and drove over to the ER.
I try to convince him it is best to go, be he explains he isn’t ready, he needs to get things done first.
I am like really, what stuff is more important than you health, which is a life or death situation.

What is a child to do when their father is more stubborn than they ever were as a child?


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