Now I have a personal Facebook page and I friend people that I know and had a bond with, at least I thought I did.

I understand that there are many companies out there that hire you for a playtime easy money making gig, and unfortunately some of them are aimed at weight loss.  I see why as people will pay to get rid of what you are pointing out they have a problem with, which happenes to be my insecurity.  In the last 2 weeks I have had two friends mention they’ve a sure fire way to lose weight quick.  One of my friends, had the decency and enough respect to private message me telling me about getting a personal life coach that will work me out and put me on a weight loss eating plan.  My other friend, who I have known longer, not only posted his need to recruit people needing to lose weight on my Facebook page for me to see, he posted it as all my friends could see it too.

How embarrassing, as my friend you, why would you do something like that and hurt my feelings so much?

Yes, I know exercise is important for weight loss, however, as your friend, you should think and be like whatever plans you have to offer, realize that I am unable to do as my mobility is limited, more some days than others. I am open and honest about my disability.

I am on a healthy plan and my doctor is on board with me with my weight loss efforts. He knows my struggles and my limits.

Is making money more important than the feelings of your friend?

Am I only your friend just for a potential to be your money making customer?

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