Well I slept well past Suhoor, well past it like hours past.

So I get up and just brush my teeth.

I sit trying to keep myself occupied.  Can’t watch TV, oh all those food commercials.  *Drool*

Cant read magazines or newspapers as I see all the restaurant ads.  *Drool*

My friend call, “Hey girl how you doing, what did you eat today?”

“Nothing, I slept through Suhoor.”

Shaking off what I said, she replies, “You wanna go out and get a bite to eat?”

“I can’t, its’s Ramadan, I am fasting.  I cannot eat until Iftar.”

“Oh, when is that?”


“PM? Isn’t that kind late to be eating dinner? Come on come out and have some food with me. What will it hurt?”

At this point I am just shaking my head.

“You can make up the day, like I do with Lent if I make an oopsie.”(LOL, yep she said oopsie.)

“No I am fasting, I can not and will not.”

“So is that a no, to going out for food?”

“Can you wait till 8:30 PM?”

“Are you crazy, I can’t wait that long to eat, I will be withered away by then.”

“Yes, then that is a NO from me.”

Why is it so hard for non-Muslims to understand Ramadan.  It is not voluntary, it is a mandatory for all Muslims.

Its not like Lent, where you give up only one item for thirty days.

If a day is to be made up it is because I was ill, not because I wanted to break fast to eat with a friend.

Allah sees my actions and knows what is in my heart.  I will face him on judgement day and if I break fast for a selfish reason, I will pay for it threefold.


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