June 18th begins Ramadan. For 30 days we as Muslims must fast from sunrise to sunset. No food, no water, no gum, candy..Nothing.
Just because we are fasting, that does not mean fasting replaces our way of eating. Fasting is not done for our physical health, fasting is for our spiritual health.
Fasting is a time of spiritual reflection. Spiritual improvement as we increase our devotion and worship to our one and only God, Allah. For without him, we would not have water, food, or life.
So you fast during the day, finally it is time for breaking the fast, so you eat a date. One date has 6.4 grams carbs and .6 gram fiber which means net carbs is 5.8 grams per date. So after that now you can decide what to eat with your leftover carb allowance.
Non-starchy vegetables are a good choice, if you have salad, place your dressing on the side, beware of salad with dressings mixed in.
Cheese is always good, but remember this should be limited to 4 ounces daily.
Roasted, grilled, steamed, baked meats and fishes are awesome. Kebabs are perfection as you get vegetables and meat in one. Steer away from creamed or sauced meats.
Nuts- a nice snack, but only 1 serving is allowed
Fresh berries and melons are on the lower end of the carb scale.
Of course you can have butter, oil, Lebanese garlic sauce is dueable, but remember garlic has carbs
You want something you can use as rice, try grated cauliflower.

So you can enjoy your Ramadan and still eat healthy. Just because we are fasting during the day, it does not mean that we are Allowed to get off track with our Way of eating.



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