I still call myself a newbie in my faith.  It keeps me learning.  But I have one question, my hubby-to-be couldn’t answer it, he just looked at me dumbfounded and said, I have no idea.

So I mean no disrespect when I ask this question, I am just curious.  So please I don’t want anyone mad at me.

Ok here it goes.

Islam emphasizes modesty to All followers. No makeup, nail polish, jewelry, clothing or behaviors that brings unwanted attention to you.  So how come when it is a woman’s time of the month, she is allowed to where nail polish.  It seems that doing that alerts people that it is your time of the month, thus bringing attention.  To me that is personal stuff and really shouldn’t be publicized. So know when I see a hijabi wearing nail polish, that draws my attention to her and instantly I know.

Like during Ramadan I understand the make up days for when a woman is on her cycle and I understand the reasoning behind exemption of prayers during your cycle.

Just the nail polish is almost like a target saying, “Hello, guess what guys, I am menstruating.”  Just seems the nail polish takes away the modesty.  I know regularly nail polish is not halal as when you do wudu, the cleansing water does not get you nails as the polish is a barrier, so it does not validate your wudu.

Maybe the nail polish is more of a westernized thing, kinda like how I see sisters wearing make-up but yet we are not suppose to as again it brings attention to you, then I heard if the makeup is natural in color that acceptable, but yet I see sisters wearing bright red lipstick, and colors in their blush and eyes. I know some people add modernization to their faith to make certain things acceptable.

I just wondering if nail polish is one of those cases as my hubby-to-be had heard about the nail polish, but also is familiar with women wearing minimal light bland makeup.

Thanks for answering my question.



  1. I know females who wear nail polish no matter what time of the month it is. The picture above is interesting, but I don’t see why covering your hair should get you respect. Surely, it’s more to do with your behaviour, your intelligence etc. I don’t come from a very religious family. Most females I know don’t cover their heads and do wear jewellery, make up etc.

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    1. Yes I see sisters like that too, I am not judging I just trying to figure out the right way. I know no matter what we do it is for Allah to just, but i also don’t want to do something wrong and be a model for someone else to follow suit. You know you learn by examples. See the whole nail polish thing came about when I was wearing some and my hubby-to-be said it was Haram to wear, I said but i see other sisters wearing that and make-up. Then I heard about the exception. I was intrigued as I thought he was joking…until I looked around.
      I am just thinking it may be a more modernized stuff happening.

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  2. Great article. Been noticing this scenario. Some women find that period of the month as an opportunity to wear nail polishes and its obviously not good. A muslim woman should act a muslim even during menstruation.

    Same thing i notice, those muslim women who wont pluck their eye brows but will dye a part or their eyebrows to their skin color to shape it. So they will have newly shaped eyebrow without plucking. They dont know that the essence of not plucking in islam is not to change our natural beauty. Dying eyebrow is not plucking, but it is changing the natural shape of the eyebrow. May Allah swt guide us all.


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