That is my motto for today, “BREATHE!”.

So Thursday I had a cervical epidural done on my upper back in the neck area.  Now for those who follow my blog, you will know all about my back problems as it has caused disability, so they are trying these epidural shots, one Thursday next one on my Lower lumbar on the 24th, this is like a last ditch effort before I am sent to a surgeon. For those who don’t follow my blog, my whole back is messed the heck up from tip to bottom.

Before the surgery I asked what the side effects would be, they said it would be tender for a few days in the injection site, I would feel Lightheaded and dizzy, I would not be able to do any physical activity for 24 hours, no driving, you would get a headache. I had double the numbing shot as I could feel the injection needle in my spine..grosser to think about then the pain I felt.

So after the injection I spent the first day drowsy and so out of it, second day the Same but with pain.  Then I noticed I was hungrier than usual and hungrier than the day before, so I began to wonder, could that shot cause me to have this increased hunger?

So I do what I do, I googled it.  Well, son of a biscuit.  Epidurals can increase hunger, cause mood swings, cause depression and cause weight gain. ARGH!!!!!!!  I run to the scale…ARGH!!!!!!  I am about to pass out.  Before the procedure I was excited I lost 10 pounds, well the scale told me I had gain 6 of those pounds back.

I feel so defeated, I am trying to lose weight, all the doctors know this.  That is my one worry if I have back surgery is that I will totally be immobilized so the weight would be easier to creep back on.

I was so not ready for this hurdle.

So again I will adjust my carbs, and accept that I have the increased amount just in case I need them and not to beat myself up about it If I do indeed need them.

I am just getting frustrated with my yo-yo life, my advancements with weight loss was going well and the treatments for my Disability are taking me backwards on my Journey.

At least when the 24th comes around I will know and be able to stock up on lower carbs delights before then.  Most likely I will by Turkey bacon to cook to have on Hand for a salty crunchy snack and watermelon, my run to food savior.

I am not giving up.  This is only temporary, my Way of eating is a lifetime.


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