For me this would be nuts and protein bars..


6 thoughts on “SO TRUE!!!

    1. Mine is chocolate when at Easter those Cadbury mini eggs come out…the candy shell coated milk chocolate eggs. Those are my absolute downfall. I have a list of three when craving chocolate, those Cadbury eggs, then dove, then lindt truffles.

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    “Stolen” from another blogger. I am certain we all have foods that, although are very healthy, trigger us to overeat. This is one of those your-mileage-may-vary things and the only way to know what triggers overeating for you is to be honest with yourself,

    Personally I have to be careful with Quest Bars, which are a great convenience when traveling, but which I can’t just keep in my house all the time.

    What are your triggers?


  2. Yes Quest bars are too delicious. They try to fool you with the net carbs being low but carbs are carbs. They are a good treat for me but definitely not something that I can do all the time. I have a difficult time with snacking in the evening. I have to retrain my brain to focus on other things instead of mindless snacking.

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    1. Yes Quest bars are my weakness. I order them and mean well by freezing them, but I have been known to eat them frozen. When I tried giving them to people to hold for me and only give me when i ask for a severe sweet craving..but they wound up eating my supplies..Good thing to know Quest bars are not just my vice.

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