On one of my Facebook support groups someone posted this status:

On this weight loss journey, do you ever get uncomfortable when someone gives you a compliment.

Oh yes, I can relate.  I have always hated compliments.  I had been so accustomed to hearing complaints that hearing a compliment had to be sarcasm.

We are our own worst critic and as I walk along my path on this journey,the hardest thing for me to eat was a compliment from another.

Then it hit me.  How can I accept a compliment, when I fail to compliment myself?

That is why I really recommend doing this month’s challenge.  It makes you say something positive everyday for a month, and after that much time you will start believing positive things about yourself.

I find it was harder to accept compliments from others, until I began complimenting myself… for how can you accept and believe what others say, when you yourself don’t see or believe it??


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