I have this ankle bracelet that I wear. I always wear it, sleeping, in the shower, during the day, it never comes off. I see it every morning when I wake up and put on my socks, sometimes my slippers and ate night when i take off those socks/slippers before I go to bed.  Now it’s not flashy and it’s not extravagant.  In fact, just looking at it all you see is a piece of tattered rope tied together with a knot. But to me it is beautiful.  You see its not what it looks like but what it represents.  That ankle bracelet is tattered as it is old.  I have had it since I was a teenager. Everytime I see it, I remember how far I have come. That bracelet has retained its same shape throughout the years. The only difference now to then is placement.  You see my ankle bracelet used to be my wrist bracelet.  I used to wear it on my wrist.  It used to be one of those adjust-a-size bracelets, you know you pull cords to make it bigger or smaller.  Well after a while, my wrist was so big that I broke the adjuster and so I knotted it and wore it just like that. There was a time I stopped wearing the bracelet as it was cutting circulation off.  I thought I threw it away.  Sometime after my mom died, I was cleaning through her stuff and amongst her things was my bracelet. I put the bracelet back on my wrist, but it was too big, it would not stay on.  At the time I was like, “hmm, wonder if it would fit my ankle”.  So I slowly rolled the bracelet over my toes, so far so good, then over the foot, getting excited, and finally plop it rolled over the ankle bone and rested perfectly on my ankle bone.  Wow a bracelet that used to be so tight on my wrist, now fits on my ankle perfectly.  I was shaking my head and that was when it was finally making sense, I had come a lot further than I had realized.  You know how when you lose weight, its not ourselves who notices first, but others.  This was the first time I really noticed the change, myself.

What was that one moment that made you stop in your tracks and realize, “Wow, I have done good.”


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