Now before I start, look at the picture, does that white container look familiar?

A few posts ago I talked about buying this microwaveable egg poacher from the local dollar tree store, I had no idea how to make poached eggs and this thing had no directions.  I tried using it and the egg came out hard boiled and rubbery tasting, yeah cooked too long.  Anyways, move on and today I was making a MIM(mmuffin in a minute) and thought to myself, well, the muffin needs to be microwaved and this is a microwaveable tray.  So I made my mix and poured it into the container holes and added a few blueberries then cooked.  Ta-Da mini muffins.

Now I know we all don’t have the luxury of mini microwaveable muffin pans, so you can use a coffee mug. Now for the recipe for MIM.

1/4 cup flax seed meal

1/2 tsp baking powder

1 tsp stevia powder

1 tsp cinnamon

1 egg

1 tsp oil

1 TB water

Mix all ingredients in a coffee mug.  Microwave for one minute on high, using a plate, tip mug upside down so muffin can pop out atop plate.  Muffin will be moist at first, but as the muffin cools the moisture dries.

***If you want to add berries to your muffin, top muffin with them before putting the mug in the microwave.

In case you are wondering what does the muffin taste like?  Well, to me, it taste like a bran muffin.

I am a big fan of flaxseed recipes as it is a good source of fiber for you body.

Nutritional counts for just the muffin(not any added berries)

Calories 260; Fat 18.4g; Sodium 1,188g; Carbs 11.5g; Fiber 9.3g; Protein 12.4g

Net carbs is 2.2g


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