My best friend, I love her beyond words.  I have known her my whole adult life.  My friend is beautiful, sweet, religious with a heart so full of love and is always helping others.

Through all her good qualities she had just one fault, this one fault took center stage and shadowed all of her good traits.

She was always criticizing herself.  She would call herself, “fat”, “a slob”, “lazy”, “ugly”, she began doubting her abilities in life. She had real bad self esteem.

Now I know what happens when others say something hurtful to me, I turn to food.  She was doing the same thing, but it was worse, she not only was hurting, she was the one causing the pain.  She was bullying herself.

One day I gave her a challenge.  A month long challenge. I challenged her that for everyday she was to say one positive thing about herself.  Just one thing.  One thing she felt positive about with herself.

Slowly, she hesitated but followed through, halfway through the challenge, the daily positive thing became easier to do.  She began accidentally adding more than one positive thing.  By the end of the challenge she was thanking me for the challenge as she was feeling like a different person.  She had noticed that her negative thoughts were gone, as I had noticed as well.  She was a happier person and people were more in-tune with her as she was a happier person.

You reading this, take the challenge.  Just say one thing about yourself, whether it be a body feature that you like, a trait of yours, something you enjoyed doing, something that was makes you feel positive.  Maybe you like the way the hijab looks on you today, maybe you like how you have pretty eyes, maybe you like how you have an unbiased heart, a favorite song that makes you feel good or even a certain hadith that makes you feel good.  Just one thing, each day, for thirty days.   See the difference for yourself.

Remember do not say to yourself what you would never utter to another.

I will start the day by saying how much I love your Laugh!!!  ❤ ❤


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