So today I have been distracted preparing for tomorrow, my first craft sale of the season.  I decided that I would commit myself to one day a month to partake in the local farmer’s market, selling my handmade jewelry.  Even if I don’t sell anything, at least I get out of the house.  I know I can not partake every week, but I refuse to say I cannot partake at all.

So today I cooked extra at dinner so I would have food for tomorrow as well, but that went a little more well than I thought as I also now have more than enough for dinner tomorrow as well.  LOL..Oh well, its Cauliflower mock fried rice.  I could eat that anytime.

So I also have a quest protein bar, nuts, cooked chicken, powerade zero, water and diced watermelon to keep my throat parched…and some hidden sugar free cough drops in my cash box.

I know I will not eat everything, but just having the different options is good sometimes, plus the bactrim, the new antibiotic, that I am on and is working,  has a side effect of dropping my blood sugar, so yes I would rather be safe than sorry.  I don’t want to my first day be remembered as me the girl who passed out.

I am staying on track with this WOE(yes my carbs are still increased slightly a little higher as I am still on medication and my throat still scratchy, I need to accurate that watermelon but getting better by the days).  Plus I am getting out which is good for my mental and emotional health and my limited physical.

But I am excited, nervous, scared but plan on taking on the day, this challenge in stride, my crown may look crooked, but it shall never fall off my head.  I have this handled, thanks to Allah, He wills me the strength and courage.


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