I know many people in my life who are drug addicts, they have tried to stop using.  I have seen them withdrawing; sweats, chills, headaches, moody, fatigue, anxiety, etc…  I also know many people who look down upon those addicts and toss them aside saying well they make the choice, they choose to incorporate the drug into their life, that it is not a disease.

Carb flu is just our body withdrawaling from the addiction of sugar and high carb starches.

Withdrawaling from an addiction is not a wonderful experience, by far, withdrawal is pure misery. It is one of the hardest things in life any one person can face.  Whether you withdrawal from drugs or food, the symptoms pretty much are the same.  Why would anyone want to go through so much misery?  There comes a time in life, where your health and living has to be more important than the pleasure you get from ingesting such toxins, which in turn are slowly killing you.  Isn’t a few days of the blahs, worth a lifetime worth of good health.

Now with addicts relapse is common.  It doesn’t mean you should expect it cuz then it will happen if you expect it, I am saying if it happens don’t beat yourself up with the negative thoughts.  What happens is you feel so horrible that you want to give up the new way of eating(WOE)and go back to the junk to feel better. Just think of the misery is your body kicking out those harmful toxins, see it as the new way of eating(WOE) is indeed working for you.

Did you know there are ways to feel better but still stay on the new WOE track?

When you first begin experiencing the low carb flu,  drink some broth.  Increase your sodium just a tad helps the headaches.  Make sure you are drinking your recommended dose of water each day(8-12 glasses).  I had to take headache medication as well as sleeping more.  But whatever you do…DO NOT SKIP EATING.  I know you feel like poop, but still eat so that your body starts adjusting to the new eating habits. I also drank Powerade Zero alot during the flu phase. Don’t give up.

What other tips can you share with people starting who are experiencing the carb flu??


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