Sometimes you just need a day where you can laugh at the silliest things to get your mind out of disaster zone, hence the picture.

So we have this new puppy, which I have been taking out for its business and walking for its exercise..LOL its…the puppy is a girl.  So I have been taking her around the yard.  Well she is more comfortable with me, now though I know this is only temporary my dad is offended.  He thinks I am doing something to win her over, to follow me around or to whine when I go into the bathroom and shut the door.

So today my day yells at me that I am not allowed to feed the door or give her treats as he does not want an obese dog.  Background info, my mom was a over indulging pet owner when it came to treats, she wore a sweater and in the pockets were already lined with treats.  LOL My mom was also a hoarder and never threw away anything…she could recycle used facial tissue.

Well this is not the only time my da. Has been like this he flips out and automatically assumes that I am my mother.  That her behaviors and actions are mine.  I have had cats in the past that were healthy and thin, well except at the end when Grant got a tummy tumor.

So I am not allowed to talk to the dog when dad is around or feed her, as he wanted her to get used to him…but if that is what he wants then take her outside to do her business.  He again says today to me don’t give her an. Treats, I bought this tiny treats as It is not the size that matters just as long as they get a treat.  Again he then reinstated that he does not want an overweight dog.

I am so tired of him comparing me to my mom..My mom was a sick woman, I loved her to death but she was unhealthy and I have made so many changes in my life not to go down that same path.

However, when he is rude like that it is hard to shake off, and it is an instant trigger for my emotional overeating.  So yeah I fell off the ship…and as I swam I swallowed more than my fair share.  Funny thing is I had made low carb treats, I made macaroni cookies, Turkey bacon and flaxseed crackers, but I reached for my dads junk food.

And as if that isn’t enough to drive me Cray Cray, my dad tells me how he is feeding her 3 cups of food, which is 3x what the shelter told us they feed her and he told me he gave her potato chips…WHAT????  But you yelling at me you don’t want an obese dog.  And if the dog gets fat, I know he will accuse me of sneaking her treats.
ARGH…so I relapsed, it happens and all I can say is I am back on track as of now.  Why blow the rest of my day from one moment.

I am currently craving the carbs now but I am stronger at the moment to say NO!!!


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