Ok so today my brother would have been 46 years young, if cancer hadn’t entered his brain and re-entered our lives last year.

Today my dad adopted Baby, she is a 2 year old shepherd/husky mix.

Now I know that some people will want to put in their opinion.  Muslims are not suppose to have dogs as pets.  In this household, I am Muslim, my dad is not.  The puppy was adopted by him and yes I reside in the home too, due to the disability my options are very limited, however my dad’s heart ached after the loss of my mom, his mom, my aunt(his sister), and then my brother in just 4 short years.

My dad’s health itself is not great he has COPD, A-Fib(yeah I am not sure how to spell out the full word), for which he has a pace maker for and he just got news that his colon test came back positive for cancer.  I am holding firm and praying that the test detected an early pre-cancerous cells, that it is caught early enough.  I just wish my dad made fiber a bigger part of his diet.  but can’t change past errors, all you can do is live with what you got and change for a better future.

But he was so excited when he saw Baby, he lit up like a child in a candy shop.  I whole-heartedly believe that this pup will be so beneficial for my dad, it will improve his quality of life.

Sometimes in life, we must understand that we need to do things not just because are right for us, but because they are right for others.

I do think Allah would understand and see that my dad needs Baby just as much as Baby needs my dad.

Allah wants me to honor and obey my parents, so Baby, well to the family!

Besides our choices are not meant to be accepted and judged by others as much as I will deal with the consequences with my God, when the time presents itself, at the gates of Paradise.

Benefit is I will have a new walking partner that is available whenever I am ready to walk.


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