OK so yesterday I had my last MRI.  This time it was done on my lower lumber.  Yesterday was alot different than the last time I had an MRI.  When my test was schedule the doctor wrote me a script for a regular intake of neurotin to take with my naproxen for my pain at bedtime, for the test day she wrote a script for Valium as, well, I am claustrophobic.

So, last week my family doctor put me on Claratin, Prednisone, and amoxicillin for the sinus infection I have(weeks ago I wrote about me feeling sick, well I finally went to my doctor).

So day comes for my MRI.  I take my Claratin, amoxicillin, and prednisone.  The night prior I took my usual neurotin and naproxen.  So an hour before my tests I begin the valium dose.  Except instead of 2 an hour before I took the first one at an hour then one at half hour before then let one upon arrival(as I did last time and it worked out great).

However, this time I do not remember going home, I do not remember almost falling at the wrong door, I don’t even remember Facebook messaging my friend.  LOL. But I remember the stories my dad who drove me tells me and I see the message for myself. This is why I hate taking meds.  I hate not having control over myself.  But it was so much going on, I think the drowsiness in the neurotin, antibiotics all intensified with the valium.

So I was so out of it yesterday.  Did I stay on my program.  Truthfully, I have no idea if I even ate. Except I did see an empty container from my flaxseed cereal I made the night before…I know my dad would never touch that, so I can assume I ate But not sure maybe I tried and its laying on the ground somewhere from missing my mouth.  But I did get some awesome sleep.

Anyways sorry for not really posting yesterday.  But some things are beyond our controls.

But I am going to make it up to you with the next post I am about to share.  A link to get free kindle books to help with dieting, inspiration, self improvement, religions, etc..

So don’t leave me yet!!


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