So my days consist of going outside to feed the squirrels, ok I have them trained to come up to the door and take the nuts from me.  My dad has tried to feed them but has not had any success.

The squirrel on the left is Poofy, the one on the right is Peanut.  Peanut came to me as a baby last year, I think she is a runt as she really has not grown any bigger than when I first saw her.  She was tiny and cute like a peanut hence her name.  Poofy came to me just after being injured, as you can tell the tail is missing the top, making a poof instead of a tail, hence the name Poofy.

There are other squirrels but these two are the bravest and cutest ones..LOL, No I am not biased at all.

When training the squirrels to come for their treats, I have perfected a squirrel call using my mouth(kinda like ringing a dinner bell).  You know how you make duck lips and blow kisses, you get that pucker more, well make a loose fight so you can see a hole all the way through, then place fist over your mouth as if you were blowing a bugle.  Now make the pucker sounds and do it.  I like to pump my enclosed fist as I do the noise.  I wait 5 minutes go back to the door and their is my brood.

Well one day I was at the door doing my call, my dad in the computer room says, “Wow you are using the squirrel caller?”  Now my dad, who used to hunt squirrels in his younger years, owns a plastic squirrel caller. You shake it or blow into it and it makes squirrel sounds.  It was used to call squirrels over so you could shoot them.

Anyways, so I reply, “No.”

He says, “You are using your mouth to make that noise?”

“Yes dad.”

“Wow, that is crazy that you are making that noise.”  Just then I hear squirrel noise coming from computer room.  I said,  “I am calling the squirrels outside through the open door, what’s crazy is that you are alone in your room playing with a toy just to make a squirrel noise and there are no squirrels around to hear it.”


Gotta laugh everyday!  It’s GOOD for our health.

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