Now I rarely, very rarely go out to eat because of all the preparation that needs to be done on my behalf.

So my little brother calls and asks me if I want to go out.  I get excited and ask, “Where are we going?” Usually at this point there is a long pause.

The problem is, I need advance notice of where we are going so that I can search the place online and see what I can eat, kinda pre-scheduling your meal.

So go through the game of naming off places, after a few “Nos, from him finally he suggested a place.   Bob Evans.”

Perfect! Now I can skim through their online menu to see what looks good for me to eat, ok maybe not good, lol cuz it ALL looks good.  What is acceptable to eat, then I choose.

Now I pray we actually make it there to eat.  He already postponed it an hour, so he could take a nap and my belly is growling for food.  But I am afraid to eat as I don’t want to fill up before going out to eat.

Now, with me I like preparation with my way of eating.  If I detour its like a major catastrophe, as if someone had been killed catastrophe.

Had I known there was going to be a change in the already agreed to schedule I would have ate a snack cuz now I am starving worse that Marvin.

I wish people were more understanding about how some people need to have their meals and food planned out and no deter from that.

I worry that when I get there I will be so hungry I may order the wrong stuff.

Pray for me!!

For me waiting for an hour, when it comes to my eating, seems like waiting a billion hours.

See that attached photo, that is me RIGHT now!!!

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