So my dad has been on a poached egg kick lately.  He wanted to buy a egg poacher pan, well I was at the dollar store and saw a microwaveable egg poacher.  Bingo! And for only a dollar what could it hurt to try, plus it was actually a set of 2.

So I get it home…I am looking at the package, there are no directions.  So I am clueless on how to use it as poached eggs are not my choice…like in a contest… Would eat anything before I eat poached eggs.  I have never liked runny eggs.  I like them fried, scrambled, boiled and in an omele. But never a runny yolk.  Blah.  I know people like to dip toast into it or what not, but I will joyfully pass.

So I bring them home and look at them and I see they are sturdy enough to actually place in a pan of boiling water.

So I had to try them out.  So I boil the water, place in the white insert(which looks like the one in the picture).  I crack One egg into One of the holes and put a lid on the pan.

Now that I have started all of this, I remembered something important.  I have no idea how to make poached eggs, never tried as I don’t like them.  I should have googled it before I actually tried to make One. Then after  that thought came the second thought, what in the world am I going to do with a poached egg when it is done, I certainly do not want to eat iT and I am not one to waste food.

Well I cooked it until the egg was beyond well done..LOL..  but it was stuck in the hole of the holder So I had to scrape it out and well…the texture was not that of a hard boiled egg it was like rubber..

Oh well, as with cooking anything..practice makes perfect.

Does anyone make poached eggs?


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