Ok, I realized that I should post some pics, so you could see my before and after shots.  Now it took quite some time to really do this as 99% of my pictures are not modest and I have no hijab.  I was at my heaviest pre-shahada days and then the selfies afterwards were mainly for my benefit. I really hadn’t sharing them but with my closest family and friends.  Ok truth, I wasn’t planning on really sharing them with anyone.  In fact, I would not really have had any pictures of myself at my heaviest weight if it wasn’t for my lovely sisters taking the pictures.  But I had made a collage for myself to see exactly how far I have come.  So after much thought and asking for guidance, I decided to share my pictures with you.

So the heaviest photos were me pre-2010.  Then the other photos are.. da da da…after 2010 till present.  Yeah I do not know the exact dates.  Sorry.

As I sit looking at the photos, I just sit there and say, “Who was that?”,  I can not believe that was me.  Five years ago, I wouldn’t have seen myself as that big, I would have just seen myself as overweight. I am tearing up right now seeing the proof.  I would have never thought I would have been smaller again but most important I am healthy, I may be battling a disability but like a car, my insides are running great its just the body needs some work.

Anyways, what good is it to talk and talk and no one sees proof that what you talk to show that it does work.  And see why you should have self progress photos to look at.

The reason I eat the way I do is so I do not go back to that person I once was. Unhealthy, on the borderline of many diseases.

Right now, I may not be able to lose weight as I hoped, due to disability, but at least I am not gaining it back and that is a huge enough bonus for me.


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