You take time to prepare your meals in advance so that when you arrive home, it is all done for you. All you need to do is reheat.

You sit at your desk all day, watching the clock tick, thinking of when you get home and you bite into that meal you made.  But not just a meal, your favorite once in a lifetime I will make it, meal.

Driving home, you can smell it your tastebuds anticipating it.  Arriving home..quickly you take off your coat and shoes, slip out of your work clothes and put on some jammies.  Finally, you are ready to eat, you walk over to the fridge, open the door and reach your hand in and…nothing there is an empty space where you food was.  You look around the fridge, maybe it was accidentally moved.  You search high and low, no sign of it.

You walk to the phone to call 911, well obviously this is an emergency.  My premade meal that I presided, sometimes just right and already allocated for in my food log has been stolen.

On the way towards the phone you stop as you see an empty container siting on the counter.  You pick it up and smell it, “Oh yeah, thats it..that was the container my meal was in.”

You feel the anger boiling, tears start swelling up in your eyes, just as your other half walks into the kitchen and says, “That meal you left me was out of this world.”

In your head you are yelling, “YOUR MEAL!”  Do they not know that I can only eat certain things, they can eat anything.  You want to strangle your partner, just as you are about to turn around. Your actions are thwarted as you feel them wrap their arms around and kiss you.

You sigh, “glad you liked it dear”,  You kiss them deeply to get what remaining flavor is left in their mouth from your meal, then you head back over to the fridge and start planning out what you can now eat.


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