So today I went to have an EMG, test done.  We are making progress in trying to figure out what is the extent of my disability.

First off, my one hour test, took 2 hours.  I was in pain and still needed the Dr to come in and do the final step of inserting the needles.  The technician looks at me and says, “Are you doing ok?  Are you in pain?”

“Yes, I reply I am in pain, but I am grateful that I am here to feel the pain.  God has granted me another day and for that I am ever so blessed.”

The doctor comes in and pokes me with the needle.  When he is done he says according to his test I have only 60% sensory motor function.  I someow lost 40%.  The doctor left the room as he was just the testing doctor and not my normal doctor,  I made an appointment for the next week to go over all my tests results.

So there I sat, upset as for 5 years, I wanted to know what was happening, but I am not ready to learn what it is as it may not be reversible.

I left the doctor’s office in despair, worried about what was going to happen in that weeks time before I see the doctor again?  I am an emotional eater.  How would I make sure not to fall off track?  I had flaxseed crackers at home, but when I say I am an emotional eater, its something salty and crunchy as well as something chocolate and sweet.

Well, my dad needed me to run to the store and buy him his needs, so after praying I went To our local Kroger store.  While shopping I found two boxes of gluten free,protein bars(low enough in carbs) clearance for $3.99.  So I bought the last two boxes, how blessed was I to find that deal.

On the way back home I decided to stop at a Dollar Tree store and buy some rubber bands for my hair.  In their refrigerator section, inside the case they had Jennie-O Turkey Bacon 5oz packages clearanced to 25cents a package. Now I am thinking jackpot.  Allah hu Akabar.  How HE has provided for me in my time of worry.  I scooped up all 17, YES that is right there were 17 packages remaining.  I brought them home, cooked one package and the rest are sitting in the freezer until I am ready for more. I cooked the one package, extra crispy and is in the fridge until I feel the urge to snack.  There are 9 slices in each package but that is very portion friendly for me. Considering how a 12ounces package at the stores are usually $2.50, I did awesome job buying 15ounces for 75cents.  I mean ALLAH did an awesome job, guiding me to the store and to the cooler.

Now, I am prepared for any “emotional” days.  Bring them on.  I will definitely remember to say Bismillah.

Al hum du Allah.


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