It seems whenever I am eating healthy and am rolling along eating right, someone always comes along, “Oh, one piece won’t hurt you.” Or “You don’t know what you are missing, this pizza or cake, etc, is so good.”  There is also the best one, “your way of eating, it’s just not healthy.”  Then you have those people that when saying it they are literally pushing the food in your face.  Really, my way of eating isn’t healthy, I eat lean meats, good fats, fruit and plenty of vegetables, also I drink my recommended daily allowance of water. What isn’t healthy is processed foods, like pizza, cake and soda.

How many times have you walked into work only to see someone brought in some sweet snacks, or go into a grocery store and they have free samples.  The best one, how often have you been given a pamphlet from your coworker asking you to buy something from their child’s fundraiser and how many times was that fundraiser candy, chocolate and processed foods?

No matter where you are just seems like there is something just waiting to sabotage your efforts.  Kinda like the Jinn trying to distract us from Allah, I believe there are little Jinns at work trying to make me destroy my efforts with temptations, so that I am back regretting my unhealthy choice and living in misery and anger over my actions.

The problem with sabotagers is you never know exactly when they will strike so most of the time you are left off guard.  So you need to ALWAYS be prepared.

When someone criticizes your eating, simply reply, “thank you for your concern, however, my health is good.” And just walk away.

When there is sweets sitting out, then you need not to be sitting by them.  Have some safe snacks in your purse or drawer like nuts or a protein bar.

When someone says, “Oh, come on what will one little bite hurt”, tell them, “you are right, and I give you my bite, enjoy.”

My dad, I love him dearly, but I need to keep reminding him why I can not eat high carb, scratchy food. He replies, “you can not even eat just 5 fries?”.   I respond, “dad I can eat it, but my body revolts by craving more and gaining weight.”  However, I am lucky as my loved ones do not force the junk upon me, but  I have offered to make them for him as I have promised the same for my husband to be, this is my way of eating, this is my life, my body.  And as I have said before everyone’s body acts differently then the one next to them.  Just because it is right for me, does not mean it is right for everyone.

How do you handle sabotagers?


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