Today is a gorgeous day, time to plant my seedlings and wait for them to grow into gorgeous produce for me to consume.  When nay-sayers try and say, “Give me proof of what your God provides?”  Easy, the proof is in the food we consume.  In the meat, the vegetable, the fruit and yes even the water it is all provide for by Allah. HE gives us the sun for our produce to grow, which feeds us but also our livestock as well.  The water from the rain to keep them all from dehydrating and dying.  For with one little seed, planted in Allah’s earth, with the sunshine and rain also provided by Allah, I can feed my family for a whole year.  It’s healthy, it exercise(believe it or not) and high on my list, it’s inexpensive to do.  I can buy 4 pack of seeds for $1, and that would feed me for a year, not much variety but need is not about variety.  Variety is a want.  Allah provides for me what I NEED.  For that I am truly blessed.

My dad came into the kitchens the other day.  He saw this tiny little seed.  He says, “where in the world did you find an acorn?”

“An acorn, where?”  I ask

“Right here on this sink.”

“Dad, that’s not an acorn it is an avocado pit.”

“What you think you can grow your own avocado tree?’

“All it takes is one little seed and faith in Allah, and all my needs will come true.”

Truly isn’t it everyone’s dream to have all their NEEDS taken care of?

Allah does that.  I am so truly Blessed and unconditionally loved.


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