As many of you know, I have been engaged to this wonderful man, in my eyes he is the best match for me and I am thankful Allah has placed us into each other’s life.
However, in relationships you take all the good with the bad. My lovely husband-to-be is an addict as well. That is why I feel we get along, I understand his struggles with addiction and he understands mine. We understand how when life stresses us out we want to run to our drug of choice to take away the pain, when we are happy we want to run to it, to make us feel even better. His addiction is of a different kind and the consequences of his is worse then weight gain, but it still involves self hatred after the fact of using.
I also have taking care of my dad, who fights a daily battle with COPD. Some days are good, some not so good. Someday his breathing seems so close to death, but yet the next day he acts like he walk a mile. He is limited in ways of what he can do, so here I am to help him.
I am still battling my difficulties of being disabled myself. Some days are good others days not. I get frustrated with the new symptoms popping up and truthfully am not adjusting to well to my limitations.
My fiancee’s struggles effect me, my dad’s struggles as well as my own take a toll on my well-being. At times I wish I could just shake the addiction out of my beloved’s body just as I wish I could shake the addiction out of my own body. Wouldn’t it be nice if it was that easy.
So I fight my struggles, my dad’s and my future husband’s, I try to be there for everyone. But I am going through struggle overload.
Unfortunately in life, stress occurs, you can not stop stress from happening but you can stop it from controlling you. Stress can occur at home, at work, at school, while driving, it can come out of nowhere.
When stress occurs running to the kitchen sounds delicious, but the regrets afterward are not. Then the regrets just stress you out more so again you run to the kitchen and the cycle just continues to rotate in a circle.
We need to take charge and when stress starts, we must extinguish its hot flames before we burn ourselves. But how do we do this?
When stress happens, I relax and breathe deep. Then I turned to Allah and I read his words. I also like listening to music, I favor Maher Zain’s song, Insha Allah. The song always makes me feel better.
What do you do to bring yourself back into day when you are overwhelmed by stress?images-33


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