Well in theory it has.  Here in Michigan, it is still a brisk 35 degrees Fahrenheit outside and we just had some snow flurries.  ARGH.  We are at the end of April and the flowers are trying to bloom, I just planted my seeds last weekend when it was sunny and 70 degrees out, now I look outside and praying for the weather to warm back up. I love spring and summer as it gives me the motivation to get my arse outside. I am very limited as to which activities I can partake in.  I can’t go running or jogging nor can I ride a bike,  my walking is limited and is never done alone.  I wish I could go roller blading as it used to be my exercise to welcome in spring, followed by some playing of basketball. But I find things that I can do.  Last weekend when the weather was warm, I went outside with my walker and laid on my belly weeding the front garden, pulling out the dead stems that remained from the previous years flowers and such.  It was such a joy as when I pulled out the dead, up popped the new growths. I began swim therapy which is another bonus.  Swimming is easier on your joints and such and is the recommended exercise for overweight people and people who have knee and joint problems as the water gives you more buoyancy so your weight is not weighing down on you as you workout. I also like holding on to something a support with one hand and use the other arm to swing a hula hoop on. Spring cleaning is great exercise and pump it up more by playing some music to grove to. Plus think of the motivation you will get throwing out any unhealthy food that was still lurking in your pantry and giving away your older and bigger sized clothes that no longer fit you. Beat out those rugs, clean out all those cobwebs and that is just the beginning, burn your calories outside as well.  Do some gardening, rake some leaves or mow the grass What exercises do you look forward to when the weather gets warmer?


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