Well truth is if you are reading this, you already made the decision to eat low carb.  So I don’t need to go off and praise the glory of low cab eating.  You already know Low Carb eating regulates your insulin and blood sugar levels, lowers blood pressure, gets rid of abdominal fat, treats Metabolic Syndrome, increases your good cholesterol while improving your LDL cholesterol.  Low Carb eating forces your body to start burning stored fat which produces energy.  Low Carb eating provides adequate protein so that your body will not start burning muscle mass, believe me you would rather burn fat than muscle.

So I know before you decided on this way of life you did research to see which plan fit you and your needs the best.

For me, this way of eating is like that of our ancestors.  From when they lived off the land, the Hunter and gathers.  They only consumed what they hunted and harvested.  Well I can’t hunt and I love gardening, but gardening does not love me, thank goodness I can get these needs from the local market.  If our ancestors were able to live years from eating meat, fat and vegetables then walked as their exercise, then it can work for me.  My weight progress agrees.

So why did you choose low Carb?


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