Simply because it is tailored to my needs. I couldn’t belong with the gluten free groups as they didn’t deal with low carb, I couldn’t belong with the low carb groups as they were not gluten free nor were they halal. I was getting tired of seeing recipes on the low carb groups that called for wheat products in their recipe and I was bombarded with seeing recipes that called for bacon, ham, pork and pork rinds. I was like ARGH, there has to be a halal friendly low carb site..but there wasn’t, so I designed this little blog. I wanted a place where fellow gluten intolerant, low carb eaters that follow a halal regimen could come, share their stories about their struggles and their successes. A place where we can enjoy fellowship, not only by sharing words of wisdom for our eating lifestyle, but spiritual support as well. A place where there is no judgment but support and care. I will blog, add links, inspirational quotes, personal stories, photos and Insha Allah, recipes. Some of the other groups I have been on in the past, well bashed one another. I am so against that, #1 we can only advise nicely or support one another here. #2 We are not all on the same low carb plans, so be kind in your words. #3 we all have our struggles, no ones’ struggle is any harder or any lighter than another. A struggle is just that, a test that Allah has deemed only us fit to burden us with as HE knows we can handle and become stronger in spite of it. So with that being said, what could you offer as a word of support or advice for our fellow eaters? I say, “NEVER STOP! Change takes time and you’re worth it.”FB_IMG_1428865229111

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